K O N G E L I G  D A N S K  Y A C H T K L U B


R O Y A L  D A N I S H  Y A C H T  C L U B    A N D    E G A A  Y A C H T  C L U B  ·  O R C  W O R L D S  C O P E N H A G E N  15 - 23 JULY  2016

On this page you will find the participants in the order we get the sign ins.

Please note that early sign up has been extended until Feb 1st 2016.

Additional info about payment will follow soon.


Now over 100 registered boats!!!

Royal Danish Yacht Club

Skovshoved Havn 5

2920 Charlottenlund



Phone: +45  27 10 87 53

Email: orc@kdy.dk


To us it was natural to join forces with Egaa Sejlklub as we share the same vision of one day having all Danish yachting boats racing ORC. And Egaa more than happily accepted the team work opportunities finding the Worlds as the most powerful signaling to doubtful Danish owners.